Powerful Business Management System, and Apps for SMEs

BizSuite is a business management software focused on simplicity, functionality, and customization. Complete control over your purchases, sales, inventory, finances and costs

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Manage Sales

Never miss a sale with our powerful lead and pipeline management tools. Create a tailored sales process to increase efficiency by modeling your sales process and automating tasks.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time. Know more about your customers with powerful CRM, Build professional, great-looking estimates and invoices with inbuilt SMS and Email notification system

Real-time Inventory

Synchronize every transaction with your stocks to keep your valuation up to date. BizSuite always knows what’s in stock and what’s on order. Track your inventory easily with real-time updates and reports.

Secure User Management & Settings

Powerful user and role management system Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier Create different Roles with permission as per your need. Create unlimited users with different roles.

Simplified Accounting

Easily create your earnings report, balance sheet, or cash flow statements. Tracks expenses throughout the year, providing you with the data you need to better predict and manage your cash flow.

Advanced POS

Set up new stores quickly and easily with just an internet connection. Then use your Point of Sale everywhere, anytime. Support barcode scanning, multiple payment options, credit sales, discounts, and quick quotation generation.

Optimized Business Modules For SMEs

Extend functionalities with adaptive modules that suit your business. BizSuite comes with a lifetime development and integration cycle; new version releases and updates.

Woocommerce Integration

Open online WooCommerce shop in minutes & keep it in sync with BizSuite. No need to manually update products in multiple application (POS & Online Shop), No need to manually update orders from WooCommerce to BizSuite. Automatically sync product categories using API

Digital Product Catalog

Maintain a contactless catalog of your products with Digital Product Catalog Module. Generate a stylish QR Code to create Menus which can be used on posters, stickers, and rollers. Customers can quickly scan and start using the menu

Human Resource & Business Essential

A simplified management interface for employees and daily communication activities. Manage employees leaves, attendance, and payroll. HR module includes the business essential module for internal; communication and document sharing

Advance Repair Module

It helps with complete repair service management of
electronic goods like Cellphone, Computers, Desktops, Tablets, Television, Watch, Wireless devices, Printers, Electronic instruments and many more similar devices

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Core Highlights

Monitor Your Sales Anywhere

BizSuite works seamlessly on any internet-enabled device with a browser. With enhanced support for touch devices, managing your business on the go has become easier.

  • Support for multiple business locations

    BizSuite allows you to manage multiple businesses while supporting roles and permission for each business. Create different products and services, customer group, assign staff to each location and lot more

  • Customized Email and SMS notification

    Notify suppliers and customers on payment status, shipment status, and item repair status. Personalize the message with a placeholder; invoice or quotation URL, and email attachment. Use your desire SMS gateway and bulk email service provider.

  • Multiple invoice templates & layout

    Create a perfect invoice layout that fits your business. BizSuite comes with multiple invoice templates for normal printers and slim templates for thermal POS printers.

  • Restaurant and service-based business support

    BizSuite has all you need to offer a service-based business. With core service functionality for restaurant, bar, saloon, spa, and a lot more. Accept bookings, reserve tables, and send notification

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One Software for Every Business

BizSuite has been thoroughly tested to make sure there are no issues but in case you find any issue, we are always available to offer support.

Create Your Account

Create a business account with three simple steps. Registration takes less than 2 minutes.

Activate Subscription

Select a plan and activate it. Payment can be made online or through a bank.

Simple Pricing, Instant Sign Up

Affordable and transparent pricing that suits Small and Scale Enterprises.

BizSuite Macro

  • 1 Business Location
  • 2 Users
  • 50 Products
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Repair Module


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BizSuite Classic

  • 1 Business Location
  • 3 Users
  • 100 Products
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • CRM Module
  • Essentials Module
  • Human Resources Module
  • Repair Module


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BizSuite Basic

  • 2 Business Locations
  • 4 Users
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • CRM Module
  • Essentials Module
  • Human Resources Module
  • Repair Module


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Frequently Asked Questions

BizSuite is a business management software focused on simplicity, functionality, and customization. Complete control over your purchases, sales, inventory, finances and costs. Manage all your daily business activities in one place. Perfectly suitable for all type of businesses and retails.

No. Updates are available to everyone. Being a SaaS solution, all our subscribers receive same update at the same time.

It supports all internet-enabled devices with modern browsers. It supports all major Barcode Scanners, thermal printers (Printer with ESC/POS commands), and label printers

The tax is completely customizable. You can define GST, VAT, and Group taxes like a combination of CGST + SGST. These taxes can be selected while adding purchase & sale. You can view the tax report to view details of input & output tax during a period.

Yes. BizSuite is accessible in all countries

The safety and security of your BizSuite account is our highest priority and here are some of the steps we take to ensure accounts are safe. Requiring HTTPS on all pages, and use HSTS to ensure browsers only ever connect to us over a secure connection. We never store or log your password in plain text. We perform a routine backup of all accounts every six hours, which means we have the last six hours of your data. Our backups are stored in a remote dedicated server

We accept online payment via Flutterwave and offline bank transfer

Contact [email protected], chat directly with our representative https://m.me/bizsuitebms

Upcoming and Latest Updates

BizSuite continues to receive bug fixes, updates, and upgrade with new features.

  1. Credit limit issue on editing draft
  2. Pos default payment set to cash.
  3. Sell return permission
  4. PHP ini settings added to AppServiceProvider
  5. Contact payment summary removed from view contact
  6. Default Round off label added.
  7. Custom payment type label issue fixed
  8. Sorting brand and category dropdown alphabetically implemented
  9. Stock transfer list sorting improved
  10. POS screen mobile responsive improvements
  11. Leads issue for CRM Module
  1. Barcode printing style improvement
  2. Permission issue
  3. Edit combo product price issue
  4. Customer edit credit limit issue
  5. Page leave confirmation issue
  1. WooCommerce module released (Connect your e-commerce site with BizSuite)
  2. API Module is releasing soon
  3. Printing of label improvements to make it print much better.
  4. Permission added for View & Close cash register
  5. New option “For tax group only” added in add/edit tax
  6. Product description design improved in the invoice to make distinguishable from the product name
  7. Tax with 0% marked as “Exempt” on classic invoice
  8. In invoices, the Packing charge is displayed
  9. In invoices, the total amount can be displayed in words. Need to enable it from Invoice Layout.
  10. Search by lot number fixed on the POS screen.
  1. NEW: CRM Module Added – Version: 0.5
  2. NEW: New invoice layout, Slim2
  3. NEW: In discount adding options to select multiple products.
  4. NEW: Printing of Stock adjustment
  5. NEW: Printing of Stock transfer
  6. NEW: URL for Quotations
  7. NEW: Sending of Quotations notification.
  8. NEW: Added 2 different layouts selection option for POS & Add sales in add/edit business location.
  9. Improvement: Slim invoice design improvement
  10. Improvement: Net profit formula changed
  11. Improvement: Ledger improvements & fixes
  12. Improvement: Sending of SMS improved, added setting for headers in SMS configuration
  13. Improvement: https improvements
  14. Improvement: Walk-In-customer default credit set to 0
  15. Fix: Import opening stock
  1. NEW: Repair Module Added – V0.8
  2. NEW: Advance payment to customer & Supplier.
  3. NEW: Custom views, this will make the managing of view files changes easy, you can easily override any view files
  4. NEW: Search with variations SKU of products on the products list
  5. NEW: Serial number for drafts with prefix option.
  6. NEW: Status in Stock transfer
  7. NEW: Edit stock transfer
  8. Improvement: Stock report display stock by location, a location column is added. Previously it was showing the sum of stock from all locations. With this, it becomes easy to check the stock of a product in a different location
  9. Improvement: Simplified Contact form. Added a More information button which displays many other fields.
  10. Improvement: Expenses can added for contact(customer/suppliers). “Expense for contact” field added in add/edit expense
  11. Improvement: Inbuilt Twilio & Nexmo SMS configuration
  12. Improvement: Kitchen and Orders page improvements
  13. Improvement: Left navigation bar design improvements
  14. FIX: Slim invoice tax
  15. FIX: View customer sales tab not showing all sales
  16. FIX: Cash register fixes
  17. FIX: Booking permission fixes
  1. NEW: Page leave confirmations added to many screens to avoid loss of data
  2. NEW: Invoice scheme dropdown added to pos screen
  3. NEW: Recurring expenses
  4. NEW: Permission to view product stock value-added
  5. IMPROVEMENT: Spaces reduced in invoices
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Contact form improved: Added new field – Title, first name, middle name, last name, address line 1, address line 2, date of birth
  7. IMPROVEMENT: User max discount validation added for fixed type discount
  8. IMPROVEMENT: Recurring invoice issue fixed.
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Tax report improved to give details of input tax, output tax, and expense tax.
  10. IMPROVEMENT: Removed POS screen reset on changing of price group.
  11. FIX: Weighing scale product search issue
  12. FIX: User max discount issue fixed
  1. NEW: Get stock value by selling price and purchase price. Get potential profit for stock in the stock reports.
  2. NEW: Give the same price to all variance of variable products at once.
  3. NEW: Date range filter added to cash register report
  4. NEW: Hide price option on a slim invoice added for a gift receipt.
  5. NEW: Option to select invoice layout in the POS screen
  6. NEW: User max sale discount implemented
  7. NEW: Option to select invoice layout in the POS screen
  8. Improvement: Fixed height added to sell list
  9. Improvement: Customer info added to the slim invoice
  10. Improvement: Show current stock of products on the add purchase screen
  11. FIX: Category dropdown issue fixed
  12. FIX: Black theme color issues fixed, bg color from module names removed on the side menu
  13. Improvements & stability
  1. [NEW]: Import sales from excel sheet (beta)
  2. [NEW]: Featured products in the POS screen for frequently used products.
  3. [NEW]: Permissions added for Access printers, Access Tables, Acess types of service, Acess Package Subscription,
  4. [IMPROVEMENT]: Due date removed from the invoice when the invoice is paid.
  5. [IMPROVEMENT]: Custom field labels can be modified from Settings instead of doing it in the language files.
  6. [IMPROVEMENT]: Customer custom fields displayed separate lines in detailed invoices design
  7. [IMPROVEMENT]: Payment details added in add expense screen.
  8. [IMPROVEMENT]: Filter by business location in the dashboard, if multiple locations are present
  9. [IMPROVEMENT]: Date range picker filter in customer/supplier -> sales/purchases
  10. [IMPROVEMENT]: In Product Sell Report added a detailed report with purchase line details.
  11. [IMPROVEMENT]: Added the SKU column to the Product Purchase Report & Sell report
  12. [IMPROVEMENT]: Added lot number in product sell report if enabled.
  13. [IMPROVEMENT]: User view page design
  14. [IMPROVEMENT]: in dashboard enabled export options for all tables.
  15. [IMPROVEMENT]: Option to enable or disable login for a user
  16. [IMPROVEMENT]: Design changes for View Contact, Supplier, and View users to make it look better
  17. [IMPROVEMENT]: Design changes for suspended invoice modal: added delete button.
  18. [IMPROVEMENT]: Show a lot number in product sell report if enabled.
  19. [FIX]: Profit & loss report shipping charge for the sales issue.
  20. [FIX]: POS screen payment issue sometimes.
  21. [FIX]: Stock adjustment deducting from sales
  22. [FIX]: Total sold issue in the stock report if multiple locations are enabled.
  23. [FIX]: Credit limit issue in customer.
  24. [FIX]: Credit sales issue fixes

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